Parent Support Comes in Many Forms with LCVA

Do you find...


...yourself drowning in a sea of expectations from your job, the demands of virtual schools, and the legitimate needs of your children?


...that your questions about schoolwork are met with resistance or hostility and it's difficult to supervise your child when you don't know what needs to be done?


...that the variety and expectations for technology platforms in virtual learning are overwhelming you or your student?


...that you are considering leaving the public school system to take back control of the curriculum and your schedule by transitioning to a homeschool learning environment?

We Can Help

Isn't it funny how we didn't realize how many people

we used to have in

our Learning Community?

These people were our support system:

  • Teachers; School Secretaries, Nurses, and Counselors; 

  • Coaches and Instructors for every activity our kids have ever done; 

  • Grandparents or Family Friends to get kids after school, go on a field trip, or drive wherever we needed the kids to be; 

  • Parents with kids at the same school to help us manage the load or to commiserate with us when we needed a hug or a hearty laugh.

It's no wonder we are feeling less than fulfilled in this changed landscape. 

We offer consulting packages for parents to help answer educational questions, weigh decisions, and build new support systems.

Start with a free consultation.

What do we do?


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Parent Consultation

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