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We are a team of experienced, licensed teachers who work to answer the call of parents, students, and colleagues. We are all full-time teachers who work daily with kids in virtual, hybrid or in person learning.


Launched in August 2020, LCVA grew out of a need to regain a true connection with students, support parents (we have kids home with virtual learning, too, so we feel your pain!), and bridge the gap created as our learning communities face a seismic shift.

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What do we do?


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Academy Educators:

AEs set us apart from all other organizations!

Academy Educators recreate the nurturing relationship children once had with their classroom teachers.

Our team prides itself on the depth of the connections we create with students in our classrooms. With that piece of the puzzle on hold or turned sideways until further notice, we bring our laughter, spontaneity, and depth of knowledge to one student at a time through the LC Virtual Academy model.


We speak to your student 1 - 5 days per week, providing them with an outlet for fun, social-emotional growth, and academic progress. We guarantee the assigned Academy Educator (AE) will have experience in your child's grade level so they instantly speak the same language.


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